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    前言 Introduction :


    What is fish oil? As its name implies, fish oil refers to the fat of fish. It is the collective name of all fat in fish including body oil, brain oil and liver oil. The main components of fish oil include triglycerides, VA and VD, glycerin ether, steroid, and lipid.


    Fish oil, especially natural marine fish oil, contains Omega-3 fatty acids. Fish oil is particularly rich in EPA and DHA, which is significantly different from general animal and plant fats.

    EPA and DHA play irreplaceable roles in normal growth and development of organisms. They are anti-inflammatory and anti-disease gradients that cannot be synthesized in animal bodies and must be supplied by external sources like food.


    Crude fish oil is the by-product of fish meal, which contains high acid value, high impurities, and high moisture content. Crude fish oil cannot be used directly to produce feed, since it might cause disease of aquatic lives. Hence, refining and winterizing are required to produce high-quality winterized fish oil for aquaculture needs.


    According to the guideline of fish oil processing, nitrogen is used as a protectant since fish oil is easy to be oxidized. Fish oil is transported inside the closed pipe during processing and antioxidants are added to ensure the stability of fish oil.

    1、魚油的分類和用途 Classification and use of fish oil.

       Fish oil can be classified into marine fish oil and freshwater fish oil based on the resources of the catching. Common fish oil includes anchovy oil, sardine oil, cod fish oil, tuna oil, squid oil, and salmon oil.



    Natural marine fish oil has high contents of EPA and DHA (15% ~ 35%). Hence, it can be used to produce health food and high-end feed production. Freshwater fish oil has low EPA and DHA content (2% ~ 5%), which is mainly used to produce low-end feed production or used in chemical industry. The nutritional value of natural marine fish oil is much higher than that of freshwater fish oil, therefore, the price of marine fish oil is much higher.


    2、魚油在飼料中主要作用 Main functions of fish oil in feed

    Provide high heat energy, improve meat ratio, and reduce feed coefficient.


    Provide necessary EPA and DHA for animal growth, maintain normal metabolism, and prevent disease.

    Improve sedation and enhances feed addiction.


    Promote the absorption of pigments and fat-soluble vitamins to make products attractive.


    3、魚油的品質好壞怎麽判定?進口魚油好還是國產魚油好? How to evaluate the quality of fish oil? Which one is better, imported fish oil or domestic fish oil?

     Regardless of producers of fish oil, fish oil should be evaluated based on test results. Besides general indicators like smell, acid value, peroxide value, anisidine value, moisture, and impurities that can be adjusted to meet the standards during refining, EPA and DHA content is considered as an important indicator to evaluate the quality of fish oil.


    The EPA and DHA content of imported and domestic anchovy oil and sardine oil is generally over 20%, which have high nutritional value. The EPA and DHA content of imported salmon oil is lower than 10%, and that of imported cod oil is just about 14%, hence, such products have low nutritional value.

    4、怎樣判斷是毛油還是已經被精煉過的魚油,精製魚油有哪些優點? How to identify whether the fish oil is crude or refined? What are the advantages of refined fish oil?


          The acid value of refined fish oil should be less than 1, and the peroxide value should be less than 6. Refined fish oil has a pure fishy taste and its color becomes lighter than the same kind of crude fish oil after refining., which varies from golden yellow to reddish brown. Meanwhile, the moisture and impurity of refined fish oil should be controlled below 0.3%.

      The oxidation stability of high quality refined fish oil is promoted by adding anti-oxidants or applying nitrogen protection. Hence, the stability and safety of refined fish oil is ensured.


    5、魚油生產是使用白土來脫色,生產中如果處理不好而產生殘留而影響品質,應如何避免? Silicon phosphorus soil is used to decolor fish oil, which might impact the quality of fish oil by residue during improper treatment. How to avoid such impact?

       Multiple filtration devices and detection methods are applied in the production process. For example, 600 mesh stainless steel wire mesh filter is used during production and 1000 mesh precision filter is adopted during filling. Meanwhile, the final content of impurities including silicon phosphorus soil is tested to ensure the high purity of products.


    6、為什麽要用魚油?能不能用豆油來代替?  Why we use fish oil? Can we use soybean oil instead?


    Fish oil is the only natural fat that is rich in EPA and DHA that are important gradients for the normal growth and development of animals.

    First, EPA can improve the development of animal's gonad and increase their reproductive capacity. Second, EPA and DHA can improve the resistance of animal to coccidiosis and reduce inflammation. Third, EPA and DHA can improve the immunity of animal and increase the survival rate of cubs. Fourth, EPA and DHA can make animal' hair smoother and brighter.

    The lack of EPA and DHA might lead to great harm to organisms. For example, the survival rate of cubs may drop, and the mortality rate may increase. The growth of animal might also be impeded, which leads to the decrease of the utilization of feeds. Meanwhile, the reproductivity of organisms can be impacted and partial erosion of bodies might occur.


    The fatty acid combinations of soybean oil and fish oil are significantly different. Soybean oil does not contain EPA and DHA, hence, it has different functions from fish oil. Therefore, soybean oil cannot replace fish oil in the perspective of nutrient values.

    7、魚油的保質期有多長,怎樣貯存比較合適? How long is the shelf life of fish oil? How to store fish oil properly? 

       The normal shelf life of high-quality fish oil is usually 2 years when it is completely isolated from oxygen and oxygen containing in fish oil is removed in the production and processing.


          It is necessary to reduce the exposure of fish oil to air and sunshine when it is used. After opening the lid, fish oil should be used up as soon as possible, and it is better to choose small packages when having limited needs. In addition, barreled fish oil should be stored in cool and dry environments.


    8、精製魚油這麽貴,還是用毛油好? Since the refined fish oil is expensive, will it be better to choose crude fish oil?

       Crude fish oil has high contents of moisture and impurities, especially protein. Its acid value is generally 5 ~ 15 mg/g and its basic oxidation induction period is only about 1.5 hours.

     Moreover, crude fish oil is easy to be oxidized and hydrolyzed, which might produce peroxides, aldehydes, ketones, and other substances that can greatly affect feed quality., Hence, we suggest that feed factories not to use crude fish oil as long as possible.

    9、淡水魚油和海洋魚油有什麽區別? What are the differences between freshwater fish oil and marine fish oil?

       Marine fish oil is rich in effective nutrients like EPA and DHA, while freshwater fish oil contains few effective nutrients. Meanwhile, pesticide residue and heavy metal residue are greater in freshwater fish oil than those in marine fish oil.


    10、魚油中的EPA、DHA如何產生? Why fish oil is rich in EPA and DHA?


     Fish itself does not produce EPA or DHA but gathers such nutrients in its body by intaking algae that contains EPA and DHA. Therefore, the contents of EPA and DHA in fish oil are affected by fish species, algae species, regions, climates, and food chains.

    11、什麽叫冬化魚油,相比普通魚油有什麽優勢? What is winterized fish oil? What is the advantages of winterized fish oil compared with ordinary fish oil?


    Fish oil that undergoes cold filtration is called winterized fish oil. Winterized fish oil remains clarified in temperature higher that the winterized temperature and does not become turbid or solidify.


    Different winterized fish oil can be produced by controlling different temperatures during cold filtration. Compared with normal fish oil, winterized fish oil that has lower freezing point has more unsaturated fatty acid and higher purity. It is also more convenient to use winterized fish oil at low temperature.


    12、外噴油應該用什麽樣的魚油? What kind of fish oil should be used for external spraying?


    In feed production, it is necessary to maintain high humidity and high temperature. Hence, the odor and the oxidation stability of external spray fish oil should be considered. It is better to choose refined fish oil that has pure flavor, stable indicators and long oxidation induction period.


    13、本公司魚油相比其它品牌魚油有什麽特色? What are the uniqueness of our fish oil compared with fish oil from other brands?

    1)         原料穩定,實行全球化采購高品質的毛油,原料來源多樣化。

                     We purchase high-quality crude fish oil all over the world, which enables us to provide a variety of raw materials.

    2)         生產工藝和設備先進,可以從原料的儲存到每個生產環節做到與空氣隔絕,更好地提高成品的氧化穩定性。

                     Our advanced technology and equipment enable us to separate air from fish oil completely during processing, which significantly promote the oxidation stability of final products.

    3)         檢測設備和方法齊全穩定。能做的項目有:脂肪酸含量分析(用安捷倫氣象色譜儀)、氧化穩定性(油脂氧化穩定性測試儀)、重金屬(原子吸收和原子熒光儀)、農殘(氣質連用)、甘油酯的測定(沃特斯液相)油脂常規指標(各種常規滴定儀器)等。檢測儀器都是配備穩定和高效的。

             We have completed testing equipment and technology to evaluate the quality of fish oil. The parameters we can test include:

    Analysis of fatty acid content with Agilent meteorological chromatograph,Oxidation stability with oil oxidation stability tester,Heavy metal residue with atomic absorption and atomic fluorescence spectrometer,Pesticide residue with GC-MS,Determination of glycerides with waters liquid chromatograph,Regular specifications of grease with various conventional titration apparatus Others.The testing instruments are all stable and efficient.

    4)         生產規模較大,供貨及時,可以滿足大企業的常年訂單需求。

              We own large scale of production and provide timely supply, which can meet the demand of large companies all year around.

    5)         產品品質穩定,品種齊全,可以為特殊客戶量身定製。尤其氧化穩定性,采用特殊工藝和特效抗氧化劑,保證本公司魚油的穩定性在國內外同行業中成為佼佼者。

                    Our products are stable in quality and completed in variety. We also provide customized service for clients who has special demands.In particular, we adopt special technology to increase the oxidation stability of our products, which enables out fish oil to become the best in our industry